GO SEE KEN® started in 2015 when Ken's fiancé -- now his wife -- was
talking about how she met Ken.  As a cyclist she was looking for a bike
shop and a friend recommended she "Go See Ken".  Other cyclists have
also mentioned that they were told to Go See Ken
® and so the idea of the
bumper sticker was born.

Where this will take us no-one knows.  Perhaps we will have a contest
related to the most novel picture of the sticker (on your vehicle with an
interesting background), or perhaps a picture of the furthest geographical
or international location, or perhaps something different, or perhaps
nothing at all.  We welcome all suggestions.

And yes, Ken is real .
From Australia!
From The Netherlands!  Notice the dike.  The river "Lek" runs into
Rotterdam (the biggest harbour in Europe and known as Europe's
gateway).  Across the river is "Kinderdijk", a collection of 16th and 17th
century windmills used to pump water from behind the dikes.
From the Netherlands!
At Nationals!
Arc de Triumph at the Tour de France
It's a Bentley!
At the Nationals
GO SEE KEN Annapurna base camp, Nepal!
Annapurna base camp, Nepal 13200 ft!
Taken at the Levee Junction signpost near the shores of the North Caspian Sea near Atyrau,
Kazakhstan.  The Ural River is nearby and marks the geographic boundary of Europe and Asia.  
This is on the European side.
GO SEE KEN on the Levee Junction signpost
during a night ride.  Custom kit says Fatyrau
(Fat Atyrau) for the fat tire bikers.
Nov. 8, 2016
At theThe Eiffel Tower 2016
From the Turks & Caicos Islands in
the Lucayan Archipelago of the
GO SEE KEN in Brazil
Texas truck
VICTORIA, BC (southern tip of
Vancouver Island of Canada's
Pacific coast)
Pagosa Springs, CO
At the Teotihuacan Pyramids, Mexico
Bike Case
Photo Op
Bus ('Go See Ken' on middle
window - look CLOSELY!)
Houston's Finest
Go See Ken from Germany/Bavaria
Thanks Holger!
Atlantis Resort - Nassau, Bahamas
(Look CLOSELY for 'Go See Ken' on the sign)
Atlantis - Predator Lagoon
Atlantis - Nassau, Bahamas
"Zero Emissions"
"Zero Emissions"
St Louis
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Way to go Jack!
Lava Fields (1) - Hawaii
Lava Fields (2) - Hawaii
Lava Fields (3) - Hawaii
Lava Fields (5) - Hawaii
Lava Fields (4) - Hawaii
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